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How to Check If a Link Is Secure Before Clicking It

How to Check If a Link Is Secure Before Clicking It

Have you ever received a suspicious link in an email, a message, or a social media post? How can you tell if it is safe to click or not? Clicking on a malicious link can expose you to malware, ransomware, phishing, and other online threats. Fortunately, there are some tools that can help you check if a link is secure before clicking it.

In this article, we will introduce you to some of the best link checkers that can scan any URL for security issues and warn you of potential risks. We will also give you some tips on how to avoid clicking on dangerous links in the first place.

What Is a Link Checker?

A link checker is a tool that analyzes a URL and determines if it is safe or not. A link checker can check for various factors, such as:

  • The reputation of the website that hosts the link
  • The presence of malware, viruses, or malicious code on the website
  • The authenticity of the security certificate of the website
  • The privacy and permissions of the website
  • The destination of the link (if it is a shortened URL)

A link checker can be a website, a browser extension, or a software application that you can use to scan any URL before clicking it. Some of the most popular link checkers are:

Norton Safe Web

Norton Safe Web is a service from online security giant Norton that lets you check if a site’s connection is secure. To scan a URL for malware, simply paste the URL into the checking field and click the Search icon. Norton Safe Web will then display a rating and provide community reviews about the website. You can also create an account and join the community of link checkers.

Norton Safe Web also offers two browser extensions for Chrome: Norton Safe Search Extension and Norton Home Page Extension. These extensions add quick safe search functionality to your browser and test links for safety before you click them.


ScanURL is an independent website that takes your link query submissions seriously via a secure HTTPS connection. Although the link checker is ad-supported, the results are good. You can also provide an explanation of where you saw the URL to help other users avoid it.

ScanURL will scan websites for security issues using various sources, such as Google Safe Browsing, PhishTank, Web of Trust, and more. It will also show you some information about the website, such as its IP address, location, server type, and SSL certificate.

Sucuri SiteCheck

Norton Safe Web

Sucuri SiteCheck is a free tool offered by Sucuri, a company that specializes in security services for websites. SiteCheck will scan websites for security issues, including malware, viruses, and malicious code. It will also check if the website is blacklisted by any authority or has any outdated software or plugins.

Sucuri SiteCheck also offers a browser extension for Chrome that lets you scan any URL with one click. You can also use Sucuri SiteCheck to monitor your own website for security issues and get alerts if anything goes wrong.

How to Avoid Clicking on Dangerous Links

What Is a Link Checker?

While using a link checker can help you verify if a link is safe or not, it is always better to avoid clicking on suspicious links in the first place. Here are some tips on how to do that:

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