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How to Play Kenway’s Fleet in Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag

How to Play Kenway's Fleet in Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag

Kenway’s Fleet is a naval combat minigame in Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag that allows you to use the ships you capture in the main game to complete missions and earn rewards. You can access Kenway’s Fleet from the captain’s cabin on the Jackdaw or from the companion app on your mobile device. However, you need an online connection and a Uplay code to play Kenway’s Fleet, which may not be available for some pirated versions of the game.

In this article, we will explain how to add ships to your fleet, how to battle and gain resources, and how to complete missions and unlock prizes. We will also provide some tips and tricks to make the most of your naval adventures.

How to Add Ships to Your Fleet

To add ships to your fleet, you need to board them and choose the “Send to Kenway’s Fleet” option in naval combat. You can only have a limited number of ships in your fleet, depending on how many docks you buy with gemstones. You can salvage old ships for gemstones if you need more space.

The ships you capture have different statistics based on their type and where they were found. The types of ships are:

  • Schooner: The smallest and fastest ship, but with low cargo capacity and firepower.
  • Brig: A medium-sized ship with balanced speed, cargo, and firepower.
  • Frigate: A large ship with high cargo capacity and firepower, but low speed.
  • Man O’ War: The largest and most powerful ship, but with very low speed.

The regions where you find ships are:

  • Caribbean Sea: The easiest region with low-level ships.
  • North Atlantic: A moderate region with medium-level ships.
  • Mediterranean Sea: A hard region with high-level ships.

You can see the statistics of each ship by selecting it in the fleet menu. The statistics are:

  • Speed: How fast the ship can travel on missions.
  • Cargo: How much resources the ship can carry on missions.
  • Firepower: How much damage the ship can deal in battles.
  • Defense: How much damage the ship can withstand in battles.

How to Battle and Gain Resources

How to Add Ships to Your Fleet

You need resources (cargo) to carry out missions, and you can gain resources by battling other ships on routes. This also reduces a route’s danger level, making successful missions more likely. You can choose a route from the naval map and then select “Battle”. You can then choose up to three ships you wish to use for the battle. You will then watch the battle and, if you win, you will get the resources needed for missions.

During battle, you can also launch fire barrels to deal extra damage to enemy ships, although you only have a finite supply (more are gained from additional battles). The position of your ships in the battle affects their performance:

  • Top ship: Gains a speed bonus.
  • Middle ship: Gains a firepower bonus.
  • Bottom ship: Gains a defense bonus.

The enemy ships do not seem to benefit from these bonuses. The shipping routes have different danger levels that increase over time:

  • Safe (green): The easiest level with weak enemy ships.
  • Hazardous (yellow): A moderate level with medium enemy ships.
  • Dangerous (orange): A hard level with strong enemy ships.
  • Treacherous (red): The hardest level with very strong enemy ships.

How to Complete Missions and Unlock Prizes

How to Battle and Gain Resources

Unlike battles, only one ship can be sent on a mission. As a result, some missions will be impossible to complete without the largest ship, the Man O’ War, because it is the only ship with sufficient cargo space. You can only send ships on missions that have the minimum amount of cargo/resources required by the mission. Faster ships will complete missions more quickly than slower ones.

Missions have different rewards depending on their difficulty and duration

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