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Being a DIK v0.8.2 MOD APK Free Download Latest For Android 2021

Being a DIK v0.8.2 MOD APK Free Download Latest For Android 2021

If you are looking for an exciting and immersive role-playing game for your Android device, you might want to check out Being a DIK. This game is developed by Dr. PinkCake, who is also the creator of other popular games like Acting Lessons and Double Homework. In this game, you will follow the story of a young man who starts his college life at Baskerville University, where he meets many interesting people and faces various challenges. You will have to make choices that will affect the outcome of the game, as well as enjoy the high-quality graphics and animations that will make you feel like you are part of the game.

What is Being a DIK?

Being a DIK is an acronym for Being a Daring Impudent Kid, which is also the name of the fraternity that you can join in the game. The game is divided into three seasons, each with several episodes that contain different scenes and events. You can download each season separately, or get them all in one package from the official website or other sources.

The story and gameplay of Being a DIK

The story of Being a DIK revolves around the main character, who is named by you at the beginning of the game. He is an aspiring writer who moves to Baskerville University after his father’s death. There, he meets his roommate Derek, who invites him to join his fraternity, Being a DIK. He also meets many other characters, such as Jill, Josy, Sage, Maya, Quinn, Rooster, and more. Each character has their own personality, background, and relationship with you.

The gameplay of Being a DIK is based on making choices that will affect your stats, such as charisma, intelligence, fitness, popularity, etc. These stats will determine how well you perform in certain situations, such as exams, sports, parties, etc. They will also influence how other characters react to you and what options you have with them. For example, if you have high charisma, you can flirt with more girls and get more positive responses from them.

The game also has mini-games that you can play to earn money or improve your skills. For example, you can play basketball, poker, trivia, or even restore an old mansion. Some mini-games are optional, while others are required to progress in the story.

The features and graphics of Being a DIK

One of the main features of Being a DIK is the graphics quality that makes the game look realistic and stunning. The game uses Ren’Py engine to create smooth animations and transitions that enhance the visual experience. The game also has voice acting for some of the characters, which adds more depth and emotion to the dialogues.

Another feature of Being a DIK is the variety of scenes and events that you can encounter in the game. The game has over 1000 scenes that include romance, drama, comedy, action, mystery, and more. Some scenes are exclusive to certain characters or paths that

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