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Why You Should Buy an Absinthe Fountain

Why You Should Buy an Absinthe Fountain

If you are a fan of absinthe, the green fairy of drinks, you might want to consider buying an absinthe fountain. An absinthe fountain is a device that allows you to prepare absinthe in the traditional way, by dripping ice-cold water over a sugar cube on a spoon, which then dissolves into the absinthe glass. This process, known as the louche, releases the aromas and flavors of the absinthe, as well as creating a milky appearance.

An absinthe fountain is not only a practical way to enjoy absinthe, but also a beautiful and elegant accessory for your home bar or kitchen. Absinthe fountains come in various shapes, sizes, and designs, ranging from simple glass bowls to ornate metal sculptures. Some fountains even have LED lights or sound effects to enhance the experience.

How to Choose an Absinthe Fountain

When you decide to buy an absinthe fountain, there are some factors you should consider before making your purchase. Here are some tips to help you choose the best absinthe fountain for your needs and preferences.

  • Size: Absinthe fountains can vary in size from small ones that can hold a few glasses of water to large ones that can serve a whole party. The size of the fountain will depend on how often and how many people you plan to drink absinthe with. If you only drink absinthe occasionally or by yourself, a small fountain might be enough. If you drink absinthe regularly or with friends, a larger fountain might be more convenient and impressive.
  • Material: Absinthe fountains can be made of different materials, such as glass, metal, ceramic, or plastic. The material of the fountain will affect its durability, appearance, and price. Glass fountains are usually the most expensive and fragile, but also the most elegant and authentic. Metal fountains are more durable and cheaper, but also heavier and more prone to rusting. Ceramic fountains are lighter and cheaper than metal ones, but also more likely to chip or crack. Plastic fountains are the cheapest and lightest, but also the least attractive and authentic.
  • Design: Absinthe fountains can have different designs, such as classic, modern, or whimsical. The design of the fountain will affect its aesthetic appeal and functionality. Classic fountains are usually inspired by historical models from the 19th century, when absinthe was popular in Europe. They often have elaborate details and decorations that evoke the Belle Epoque era. Modern fountains are more minimalist and sleek, with simple shapes and colors that suit contemporary tastes. Whimsical fountains are more creative and fun, with features such as skulls, dragons, or fairies that add some fantasy to the absinthe ritual.
  • Features: Absinthe fountains can have different features that enhance their performance and convenience. Some features you might want to look for are:
    • Spigots: These are the taps that control the flow of water from the fountain. Some fountains have one spigot, while others have two or more. The number of spigots will determine how many glasses of absinthe you can prepare at once. Some spigots are adjustable, allowing you to regulate the speed and intensity of the water drip.
    • Lid: This is the cover that protects the water reservoir from dust and insects. Some fountains have a removable lid, while others have a fixed lid. A removable lid makes it easier to fill and clean the fountain, while a fixed lid prevents accidental spills.
    • Base: This is the bottom part of the fountain that supports its weight and stability. Some fountains have a flat base, while others have a pedestal base. A flat base makes it easier to place the fountain on any surface, while a pedestal base adds some height and elegance to the fountain.
    • Lights: These are LED lights that illuminate the fountain and create a festive atmosphere. Some fountains have lights

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