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Why You Should Buy Iraqi Dinar Now

Why You Should Buy Iraqi Dinar Now

If you are looking for a smart and profitable investment opportunity, you might want to consider buying Iraqi dinar (IQD). The IQD is the official currency of Iraq, a country that has been undergoing a remarkable economic recovery after decades of war and sanctions. Here are some of the reasons why you should buy Iraqi dinar now:

  • The IQD is undervalued. Due to the political and security instability in Iraq, the IQD has been trading at a very low rate compared to other currencies. However, as the situation improves and the economy grows, the IQD is expected to appreciate in value and reach its true potential. Some experts predict that the IQD could reach parity with the US dollar or even higher in the future.
  • The IQD is backed by oil. Iraq has one of the largest oil reserves in the world, estimated at 143 billion barrels. Oil is a valuable and stable commodity that can support the IQD and protect it from inflation and devaluation. Iraq is also increasing its oil production and exports, which will boost its revenues and foreign exchange reserves.
  • The IQD is easy to buy and sell. Thanks to the internet, you can buy Iraqi dinar online from reputable dealers such as , , or . These dealers offer competitive exchange rates, fast delivery, and secure transactions. You can also sell your IQD back to them when you are ready to cash out your profits.

Buying Iraqi dinar is a smart way to diversify your portfolio and take advantage of a unique opportunity. You can start with as little as $32 for 25,000 IQD and see your investment grow over time. Don’t miss this chance to buy Iraqi dinar now and reap the rewards later.

Another reason why you should buy Iraqi dinar now is the recent revaluation of the currency by the Iraqi government. On February 7, 2023, the cabinet approved a decision to set the exchange rate at 1,300 dinars per US dollar, according to the state news agency. This was a significant increase from the previous rate of 1,460 dinars per US dollar, which was devalued by more than 20% in late 2020 to cope with a liquidity crisis.

The revaluation of the Iraqi dinar was a result of the improved security and economic situation in Iraq, as well as the pressure from the US to limit the flow of money into Iran, which is under sanctions. The revaluation also aimed to stabilize the foreign exchange market and curb inflation, which had soared due to the dollar shortage and the black market activities. The revaluation was welcomed by many Iraqis who saw their purchasing power increase and their living standards improve.

By buying Iraqi dinar now, you can benefit from the appreciation of the currency and the potential for further revaluation in the future. The Iraqi dinar is still undervalued compared to its historical levels and its regional peers. The Iraqi economy is also expected to grow faster than its neighbors, thanks to its abundant oil resources and its reconstruction efforts. Buying Iraqi dinar is a way to invest in the future of Iraq and its people.

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