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How to Convert JAR to VXP Files

How to Convert JAR to VXP Files

JAR files are Java ARchive files that contain Java programs or games that can run on mobile phones or computers that have Java installed. VXP files are executable files for Mediatek’s MRE (MAUI Runtime Environment), which is a phone application development platform similar to JVM and Brew. VXP files can run on some feature phones that support the MRE platform, such as Nokia S30+ devices.

If you want to convert JAR files to VXP files, you will need some tools and knowledge of the file formats and the MRE platform. Here are some steps you can follow:

  1. Download and install the MRE SDK 3.0 from this link. This is a copy of the original SDK that was deleted from the official website. The SDK contains tools and libraries for developing and compiling MRE applications.
  2. Download and install the ARM RVDS compiler from this link. This is a compiler for ARM-based devices that can generate ELF (Executable and Linkable Format) files, which are the format of most VXP files.
  3. Decompile your JAR file using a tool like JD-GUI or CFR. This will give you the source code of your Java program or game in .java files.
  4. Convert your Java source code to C or C++ source code using a tool like Java to C++ Converter or Java to C Converter. This will give you the source code of your program or game in .c or .cpp files.
  5. Create a new project in the MRE SDK using the Project Wizard. Choose the appropriate settings for your application, such as name, icon, resolution, etc. You can also enable the Auto adaptable option for screen resolution if you want your application to run on different devices.
  6. Add your C or C++ source files to your project using the Project Explorer. You can also add any resources or libraries that your application needs.
  7. Build your project using the Build menu. This will generate an ELF file in the output folder of your project.
  8. Rename your ELF file to VXP file and copy it to your phone’s memory using a USB connection.
  9. Run your VXP file on your phone and enjoy your converted application.

Note that this process is not guaranteed to work for every JAR file, as there may be compatibility issues between Java and C/C++, or between MRE and JAR features. You may need to modify your source code or use different tools to achieve a successful conversion. Also, some VXP files may use a different format than ELF, such as zlib compressed files, which may require additional steps to create or decompress.

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