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Daphne Stone: The Versatile Author of Romance, Mystery and Biography

Daphne Stone: The Versatile Author of Romance, Mystery and Biography

Daphne Stone is a prolific and diverse author who has written books in various genres, such as romance, mystery and biography. She is best known for her Stone Kings Motorcycle Club series, which features four steamy and suspenseful stories about the members of a biker gang and the women who love them. She is also the author of The Old Coaching Inn, a cosy Cornish mystery that follows the adventures of a young woman who inherits a historic inn and discovers a hidden treasure and a murder mystery.

Daphne Stone was born in London, England, to a theatrical family. Her father was a successful actor-manager and her mother was an actress. She grew up surrounded by stories and fantasy, which inspired her to become a writer. She moved to the United States as a young adult in search of adventure and settled in the Midwest with her husband and two cats. She loves to travel and explore new places, especially those with a rich history and culture.

Daphne Stone has a loyal fan base who appreciate her captivating storytelling, her vivid characters and her ability to create different worlds and atmospheres. She is always working on new projects and plans to write more books in different genres. She hopes to retire someday to a sandy beach somewhere and continue writing novels with sand between her toes.

Some of Daphne Stone’s most popular books are:

  • Rush: The first book in the Stone Kings Motorcycle Club series. It tells the story of Greyson, the president of the club, and Seton, the daughter of a rival club leader. They have a history of tragedy and betrayal, but they can’t deny their attraction to each other. When Seton’s life is in danger, Greyson has to decide if he can trust her and protect her from his enemies.
  • The Old Coaching Inn: A standalone cosy Cornish mystery. It features Lucy, a young woman who inherits an old inn from her aunt. She moves to Cornwall to start a new life, but she soon discovers that the inn has a secret tunnel that leads to a hidden treasure. She also finds out that her aunt was murdered and that someone is after the treasure. She teams up with a handsome detective to solve the mystery and find the killer.
  • Gerald: A Portrait: A biography of Daphne Stone’s father, Gerald du Maurier, a famous actor-manager in the early 20th century. It is a candid and intimate account of his life, his career, his family and his affairs. It reveals his complex personality, his artistic genius and his personal struggles. It also gives a glimpse into the glamorous and turbulent world of the theatre in his time.

Daphne Stone has a distinctive writing style that combines romance, suspense and humor. She writes in a clear and engaging way that draws the reader into the story and makes them care about the characters. She also creates vivid descriptions of the settings and the atmosphere, whether it is a gritty biker club, a quaint Cornish village or a glamorous theatre. She has a knack for creating realistic dialogue that reflects the personality and emotions of the characters.

Daphne Stone is also a versatile author who can write in different genres and formats. She has written novels, short stories, plays and biographies. She has also experimented with different subgenres, such as historical romance, paranormal romance and cozy mystery. She likes to challenge herself and try new things, and she is always open to feedback and suggestions from her readers. She believes that writing is a learning process and that there is always room for improvement.

Daphne Stone is a passionate and dedicated author who loves to share her stories with the world. She is grateful for the support and encouragement of her fans, who inspire her to keep writing. She hopes to continue writing for many years to come and to entertain and delight her readers with her stories.

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