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Dj Eister x Dj Aplex – Bible Stories

DJ Eister and DJ Aplex bring the heat with their new single “Bible Stories”

DJ Eister and DJ Aplex bring the heat with their new single

If you are looking for a fresh and fiery gqom track to spice up your playlist, look no further than “Bible Stories” by DJ Eister and DJ Aplex. The two talented producers from Mthatha have teamed up to deliver a banging tune that will make you dance and praise at the same time.

“Bible Stories” is the latest single from DJ Eister, who has been making waves in the gqom scene with his unique style and sound. The song features DJ Aplex, who is also a rising star in the genre and has released several successful projects, such as “Speechless”, “The Bible Story Album”, “15 July 2.0”, and “Process The Future Album”.

The song is a fusion of gqom beats, catchy vocals, and biblical references that create a fun and uplifting vibe. The song is inspired by the stories of the Bible and how they relate to the modern world. The song also showcases the skills and creativity of both artists, who have managed to craft a catchy and memorable hook that will stick in your head.

“Bible Stories” is available for streaming and download on various platforms, such as Bamoza, Fakazahiphop, and Shazam. You can also listen to the song below and let us know what you think.

“Bible Stories” is not the first collaboration between DJ Eister and DJ Aplex. The two have worked together on several other tracks, such as “Izinto Zobomi”, “Isikhalo”, and “Umthandazo”. They have also featured on each other’s albums and mixtapes, showing their mutual respect and friendship.

The two artists have a lot in common, as they both hail from Mthatha, a town in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa. They both started making music at a young age, influenced by the local gqom scene and culture. They both have a passion for gqom music and its potential to reach a global audience.

“Bible Stories” is a testament to their dedication and talent, as they have managed to create a song that appeals to both gqom fans and newcomers alike. The song has received positive feedback from listeners and critics, who have praised its originality and energy. The song has also gained popularity on social media platforms, such as TikTok and Instagram, where users have created videos using the song as a soundtrack.

In an interview with Bamoza, DJ Eister and DJ Aplex shared some insights into the making of “Bible Stories”. They said that they wanted to create a song that would inspire people and make them happy. They said that they chose the title “Bible Stories” because they believe that the Bible is a source of wisdom and guidance for everyone.

“We are not trying to preach or force anyone to believe anything. We are just sharing our own experiences and how the Bible has helped us in our lives. We also wanted to show that gqom music can be positive and uplifting, not just about partying and violence. We hope that our song can touch people’s hearts and souls,” they said.

The two artists also expressed their gratitude to their fans and supporters, who have been following their musical journey and giving them feedback. They said that they are always working on new music and projects, and that they have more surprises in store for their listeners. They also encouraged aspiring gqom producers and singers to pursue their dreams and never give up.

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