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Download Arasu – Tamil Movie Vadivelu gets Govt job Sarath Kumar Simran Comedy Scene Mp3 and Mp4 02:46 Min 3.8 MB MP3 Music Download


Arasu: A Tamil Movie Review

Arasu is a 2003 Tamil movie starring Sarathkumar, Simran, Roja, Vadivelu and others. It is a masala film written and directed by Suresh and produced by Babu Raaja. The music is composed by Mani Sharma.

The movie revolves around Thirunavukkarasu (Sarathkumar), who is a calm and responsible man working in a temple in Kumbakonam. He falls in love with Meera (Simran), the daughter of the temple priest Venu Shastri (Delhi Ganesh). However, Arasu has a dark past that he hides from everyone. He is actually the son of Periyavar (Sarathkumar), a benevolent don who was killed by Sabapathy (Sai Kumar), a ruthless businessman. Arasu vows to take revenge on Sabapathy and his brother Gunashekharan (Riyaz Khan) for murdering his parents. He travels to different places and kills them one by one, while keeping his identity secret. How he accomplishes his mission and reunites with Meera forms the rest of the story.

Arasu is a typical commercial entertainer with action, romance, comedy and sentiment. Sarathkumar does a dual role as father and son and delivers a convincing performance. Simran looks beautiful and shares a good chemistry with Sarathkumar. Roja plays the role of Arasu’s mother and has a brief but important role. Vadivelu provides comic relief as Pichumani, Arasu’s friend and housemate. The villains are played by Sai Kumar and Riyaz Khan, who are adequate in their roles. The supporting cast includes Manivannan, Bhanu Chander, Sudha and others.

The movie has some catchy songs composed by Mani Sharma, such as “Malligai Malligai”, “Thanni Thotti” and “Kannukulle”. The background score is also effective in creating the mood of the scenes. The cinematography by Y.N.Murali is good and captures the locations well. The editing by V.Jaishankar is crisp and keeps the pace of the movie. The direction by Suresh is decent and he manages to balance the different elements of the movie.

Arasu is a movie that can be enjoyed by the fans of Sarathkumar and masala movies. It has all the ingredients of a commercial potboiler and does not disappoint in terms of entertainment.

Some of the highlights of the movie are the comedy scenes involving Vadivelu and Sarathkumar, the action sequences where Sarathkumar fights the villains, and the emotional scenes where Sarathkumar remembers his parents. The movie also has some drawbacks, such as the predictable plot, the cliched dialogues, and the lack of logic in some scenes. The movie could have been better if it had a more original story and a tighter screenplay.

Arasu is a movie that is meant for the masses and not for the critics. It is a movie that does not aim to be realistic or meaningful, but to be entertaining and engaging. It is a movie that appeals to the fans of Sarathkumar and the genre of masala movies. It is a movie that can be watched once for its entertainment value.

Arasu was released on 14 April 2003 and was a commercial success. It was well received by the audience and the fans of Sarathkumar. It was also praised for its music by Mani Sharma and its comedy by Vadivelu. The movie was later dubbed into Telugu as Arasu and into Hindi as Ek Aur Rajkumar.

Arasu is a movie that showcases the versatility of Sarathkumar as an actor. He plays both the roles of a don and a common man with ease and charisma. He also displays his skills in action, comedy and romance. He is supported by a talented cast of Simran, Roja, Vadivelu and others. The movie is a treat for the fans of Sarathkumar and masala movies.


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