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How to Download Ship Wrek’s Music for Free

Ship Wrek is a popular electronic music producer who has collaborated with artists like Zookeepers and Trauzers. His songs are known for their catchy melodies, energetic beats and trap influences. If you are a fan of Ship Wrek and want to download his music for free, here are some ways you can do it.


SoundCloud is a platform where you can stream and download millions of songs from various genres and artists. Ship Wrek has an official account on SoundCloud where he uploads his latest tracks and remixes. You can follow him at @theshipwrek and listen to his songs online or offline.

Some of his songs are available for free download on SoundCloud, such as Ark, a collaboration with Zookeepers that was released by NCS (No Copyright Sounds) in 2016. To download this song, you need to click on the “More” button below the track and select “Download file”. You can also support Ship Wrek by buying his music on iTunes or Spotify.



Archive.org is a website that preserves and provides access to digital content such as books, videos, music and more. You can find some of Ship Wrek’s songs on Archive.org, such as Ark and Vessel, another collaboration with Zookeepers and Trauzers. To download these songs, you need to click on the “Download options” button on the right side of the page and choose the format you prefer, such as MP3 or OGG.

Archive.org is a non-profit organization that relies on donations from users. You can help them by contributing any amount you can or by uploading your own content to their site.



Ship Wrek is a talented music producer who has created many amazing songs with other artists. You can download some of his songs for free from SoundCloud or Archive.org, or support him by buying his music from other platforms. Enjoy listening to Ship Wrek’s music and share it with your friends!


Ship Wrek is composed of Tripp Churchill and Collin Maguire, two young and talented producers who share a passion for electronic music. They met online in 2015 and decided to work together as a duo. Since then, they have been creating and releasing music that blends various genres such as trap, future bass, house and pop.

Ship Wrek has gained recognition and support from many influential artists in the industry, such as Skrillex, DJ Snake, Dillon Francis, Alison Wonderland and Valentino Khan. They have also performed at various venues and festivals across the US and abroad, such as EDC Las Vegas, Beyond Wonderland and Electric Zoo.

Ship Wrek has a diverse and impressive discography that showcases their versatility and creativity. Some of their notable releases include Wreckage, their debut EP that features four original tracks; Mirror Mirror, a collaboration with Dillon Francis that reached number one on the US Dance charts; Stranded, an EP that explores different moods and styles; and Only a Fool, a catchy and uplifting song with vocals by Pink Sweat$ and Lily Denning.

Fun Facts

  • Tripp Churchill grew up in Gainesville, Florida and started playing guitar in bands when he was in high school. He also had a bass-heavy project called Part Native before joining Ship Wrek.
  • Collin Maguire is originally from a small town outside of Richmond, Virginia and moved to LA when he graduated high school. He fell in love with dance music when he was 12 years old and was inspired by artists like Skrillex and Flume.
  • Ship Wrek has their own record label called GET WREKD RECORDS, where they release some of their music independently.
  • Ship Wrek’s name is a play on the word shipwreck, which refers to a sunken or destroyed ship. They chose this name because they wanted to make music that would “wreck” the dance floor.
  • Ship Wrek’s logo is a stylized anchor with two lightning bolts crossing it. The anchor symbolizes their connection to the sea and the lightning bolts represent their energy and power.

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