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fifa 21 host of celebrities added to fifa 21 as playable characters

FIFA 21: How to Play as Celebrities in Volta Mode

Have you ever wondered what it would look like if your favorite celebrities played football? With FIFA 21’s new title update, you can play as several of them yourself in the game’s Volta Football mode. Here’s who they are and how you can try them out.

What is Volta Mode?

Volta mode is one of FIFA 21’s game modes that lets you experience street football with a twist. You can create your own player and team, customize your appearance and style, and play on various pitches around the world with different rules and formats.

The Basics of Volta Football

Volta Football is not your typical FIFA gameplay. Instead of the traditional 11v11 matches on a standard pitch, you can play with up to five players on either team on smaller pitches with cages, walls, or no boundaries at all. You can also choose from different match types, such as Rush (no goalkeepers), Survival (lose a player when you score), or Long Ball (double points for goals from distance).

The gameplay is also faster, more fluid, and more skillful than regular FIFA. You can perform tricks, flicks, and flair moves with ease, as well as use the environment to your advantage. You can also score spectacular goals with volleys, bicycle kicks, or even headers from outside the box.

The Benefits of Volta Football

Volta Football is not only fun and exciting, but also rewarding and challenging. You can earn rewards such as coins, clothing items, accessories, tattoos, hairstyles, celebrations, and more by playing matches and completing objectives. You can also unlock new locations, pitches, and features by progressing through the story mode or the online mode.

Volta Football also gives you a chance to express yourself and show off your personality. You can customize your player and team with various options, such as gender, skin tone, body type, face shape, hair color, clothing style, logo design, and more. You can also create your own custom kits and balls to match your preferences.

Who are the Celebrities in FIFA 21?

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