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Why HarrisDontcare is Trending on Social Media

Why HarrisDontcare is Trending on Social Media

HarrisDontcare is a hashtag that has been trending on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram since May 3, 2023. The hashtag is used by critics of Vice President Kamala Harris, who accuse her of being indifferent to the plight of Americans suffering from the economic and health impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The origin of the hashtag can be traced back to a video clip that was posted on Twitter by conservative commentator Candace Owens. In the clip, Owens shows a segment from a CNN interview with Harris, where the vice president is asked about her plans to visit the southern border, where thousands of migrants are seeking asylum. Harris responds by saying that she has not visited the border yet, but she has been to Europe. Owens then adds her own commentary, saying that Harris is more concerned about “sipping tea with the Queen” than helping Americans in need.

The video clip quickly went viral, garnering over 10 million views and sparking a backlash from Harris’ detractors. Many users adopted the hashtag #HarrisDontcare to express their dissatisfaction with the vice president’s performance and priorities. Some examples of tweets using the hashtag are:

  • @RealDonaldTrump: Kamala Harris is a disaster for our country. She has no clue what she is doing. She is too busy traveling the world and ignoring the crisis at our border. #HarrisDontcare
  • @TomiLahren: Kamala Harris is the epitome of a career politician. She only cares about herself and her image. She has done nothing for the American people since she took office. #HarrisDontcare
  • @BenShapiro: Kamala Harris is a radical leftist who wants to destroy our constitutional rights and freedoms. She has no interest in solving the problems facing our nation. She is only interested in advancing her own agenda. #HarrisDontcare

However, not everyone agrees with the sentiment behind the hashtag. Some users have defended Harris, saying that she is doing her best to address the multiple challenges facing the country. They have also accused the hashtag users of being sexist, racist and unfair. Some examples of tweets supporting Harris are:

  • @MichelleObama: Kamala Harris is a brilliant and compassionate leader who has dedicated her life to public service. She is working hard to improve the lives of all Americans. She deserves our respect and support. #IStandWithKamala
  • @AOC: Kamala Harris is a trailblazer who has broken many barriers in her career. She is facing unprecedented levels of scrutiny and criticism from the right-wing media and trolls. She is not afraid to speak truth to power and fight for justice. #IStandWithKamala
  • @TheEllenShow: Kamala Harris is an inspiration to millions of women and girls around the world. She is a role model who shows that anything is possible with hard work and determination. She is a force for good in these difficult times. #IStandWithKamala

The hashtag #HarrisDontcare has sparked a heated debate on social media, reflecting the polarized opinions on the vice president’s performance and personality. Whether one agrees or disagrees with the hashtag, it is clear that Harris is a prominent and controversial figure in American politics.

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