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How to Download and Play Medicopter 117 Game for Free

How to Download and Play Medicopter 117 Game for Free

How to Download and Play Medicopter 117 Game for Free

Medicopter 117 is a popular German TV series that follows the adventures of a team of emergency medical helicopter pilots. The show aired from 1998 to 2006 and spawned several video games based on its characters and scenarios. If you are a fan of Medicopter 117 and want to experience the thrill of flying a rescue helicopter, you can download and play one of these games for free.

One of the games is called Medicotper 117 2, which is a Russian bootleg version of the original Medicopter 117 game. It was released in 2004 and features 10 missions with different objectives and challenges. You can control the helicopter with the keyboard and mouse, and use various instruments and equipment to complete your tasks. The game has low-quality graphics and sound, but it can still be fun to play if you enjoy the show.

You can download Medicotper 117 2 for free from the Internet Archive website[^1^]. The file size is about 400 MB and it comes in a ZIP archive. You will need to extract the files to a folder on your computer and run the setup.exe file to install the game. The game is in Russian, but you can change the language to English by editing the config.ini file in the game folder. You will also need to adjust the screen resolution and other settings to make the game run smoothly on your system.

Another game that you can play for free is H135 Medicopter 117, which is a custom livery for the HPG Airbus H135 helicopter mod for Microsoft Flight Simulator. This mod adds a realistic and detailed model of the H135 helicopter to the game, with various features and functions. You can fly the helicopter in any location and weather condition, and enjoy the stunning scenery of Microsoft Flight Simulator.

You can download H135 Medicopter 117 for free from the Flightsim.to website[^2^]. The file size is about 1.4 MB and it comes in a ZIP archive. You will need to extract the files to your Community folder in Microsoft Flight Simulator. You will also need to download and install the HPG Airbus H135 mod separately from the same website. Once you have done that, you can select the Medicopter 117 livery from the aircraft selection menu in the game.

These are two ways that you can download and play Medicopter 117 game for free. Whether you prefer a simple arcade-style game or a realistic simulation game, you can have fun flying a rescue helicopter and reliving some of the scenes from the TV show. Just make sure that you have a compatible device and enough space on your hard drive before downloading these games.

Medicopter 117 is not only a game, but also a TV series that aired from 1998 to 2007 in Germany. The series follows the adventures of two rescue teams that operate a helicopter called Medicopter 117. The teams face various challenges and dangers as they try to save people’s lives in different situations. The series was inspired by real-life rescue services and featured realistic scenarios and stunts.

The series had a total of seven seasons and 82 episodes, each lasting about 45 minutes. The main cast changed several times throughout the series, but some of the recurring characters were Peter Berger, a paramedic and the leader of the team; Max, a mechanic and the co-pilot of the helicopter; Biggi Schwerin, a female pilot; Karin Thaler and Mark Harland, two doctors; and Gunnar E. Höppler, the base manager. The series also featured guest stars and subplots involving the personal lives of the characters.

The series was filmed in various locations in Austria and Germany, mainly in the Alps. The helicopter used for the series was a BK 117 model, which was borrowed from different operators and repainted with the Medicopter logo. The series also used computer-generated imagery and miniatures for some scenes. The series was popular among viewers and critics, and received several awards and nominations. It also spawned a spin-off series called The Air Rescue Team, which focused on another rescue team based in Berlin.

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