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How to Get Directsoft Full Version Keycode for PLC Programming

How to Get Directsoft Full Version Keycode for PLC Programming

How to Get Directsoft Full Version Keycode for PLC Programming

Directsoft is a software package that allows you to program, edit, and download ladder logic programs for various DirectLOGIC PLC families. It offers a host of features that make it easier to work with PLCs, such as IBox instructions, configurable toolbars, trend view, graphic ladder view, and graphic stage view.

If you want to use Directsoft for your PLC projects, you need to get a keycode that unlocks the full version of the software. There are two ways to get a Directsoft full version keycode:

  1. Purchase a Directsoft package from AutomationDirect or Host Engineering. There are two packages available: PC-DSOFT6 and PC-R60-U. PC-DSOFT6 is the latest version of Directsoft that supports all six DirectLOGIC PLC families. PC-R60-U is an upgrade package for users who already have a previous version of Directsoft. Both packages come with a keycode that you can use to install and activate the full version of Directsoft.
  2. Download the free version of Directsoft and use it with some limitations. The free version of Directsoft is called PC-DS100 and it allows you to program, edit, and download up to 100 words of ladder code to any DirectLOGIC CPU. This is a perfect solution for small applications or for testing purposes. However, if you want to create or open programs that are larger than 100 words, you need to upgrade to the full version by purchasing a keycode.

You can download the free version of Directsoft from AutomationDirect’s website[^1^] or Host Engineering’s website[^2^]. You can also find more information about Directsoft features, compatibility, documentation, and FAQs on these websites.

Directsoft is a powerful and user-friendly software for PLC programming. Whether you choose to purchase a full version keycode or use the free version with some restrictions, you can benefit from its many advantages and create efficient and reliable PLC programs for your applications.

What are IBox Instructions and How to Use Them

IBox instructions are a new feature in Directsoft6 that make programming easier and faster. They are fill-in-the-blank instructions that perform common tasks such as memory manipulation, discrete logic, analog scaling, math operations, communications, counter I/O, and more. They are compatible with DirectLOGIC DL05, DL06, D2-250-1, D2-260, and D4-450 CPUs that have supporting firmware.

To use IBox instructions, you need to open the IBox Instruction Browser in Directsoft6. You can access it from the Edit menu or by clicking on the IBox icon on the toolbar. The browser will show you a list of categories and instructions that you can choose from. You can also search for an instruction by name or keyword.

Once you select an instruction, you will see a dialog box that shows you the syntax and parameters of the instruction. You can fill in the blanks with the appropriate operands, such as memory addresses, constants, or expressions. You can also click on the Help button to get more information about the instruction and see some examples.

After you fill in the blanks, you can click on the OK button to insert the instruction into your ladder logic program. The instruction will appear as a box with a label that indicates its name and parameters. You can edit or delete the instruction by double-clicking on it or by right-clicking on it and choosing the appropriate option.

IBox instructions are a powerful and convenient way to program your PLC with Directsoft6. They can save you time and effort by simplifying complex tasks and reducing errors. They can also make your program more readable and understandable by using descriptive labels and comments.

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