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Hustle Blue 128x: A Review

Hustle Blue 128x: A Review

Hustle Blue 128x is a Minecraft texture pack created by SpacyLmao, a popular PvP pack maker. It is one of the four recolors of the original Hustle 128x pack, which was released as a 2k special by SpacyLmao. The other recolors are Hustle Red, Hustle Green and Hustle Purple.

The pack features a blue theme, with blue armor, weapons, particles, GUI and more. It also has some custom models and sounds for a better PvP experience. The pack is compatible with Minecraft 1.8.9 and has a resolution of 128x, which means it has high-quality textures and details.

The pack is designed for PvP players who want a smooth and stylish texture pack that can improve their performance and gameplay. The pack has a clean and simple look, with no unnecessary details or clutter. The pack also has good contrast and brightness, making it easy to see enemies and items in any environment.

Some of the highlights of the pack are:

  • The armor is blue and shiny, with different shades for different tiers. The leather armor is light blue, the chainmail armor is dark blue, the iron armor is cyan, the gold armor is navy blue and the diamond armor is royal blue. The armor also has some details like straps, buckles and patterns.
  • The weapons are also blue and sleek, with sharp edges and curves. The swords have thin blades and long handles, while the axes have wide blades and short handles. The bows have blue strings and arrows, while the rods have blue hooks and lines.
  • The particles are blue and sparkly, with different shapes and sizes. The critical hit particles are small stars, the potion particles are circles, the enchantment particles are squares and the firework particles are diamonds. The particles also have some motion blur effects for a dynamic feel.
  • The GUI is blue and minimalistic, with transparent backgrounds and white icons. The inventory has a blue border and a grid layout, while the hotbar has a blue gradient and a curved shape. The health bar, hunger bar and experience bar are also blue and have simple designs.

The pack has received positive feedback from users who have downloaded it from various websites like Planet Minecraft or PVPRP. Some of the comments are:

“This pack is amazing! I love the blue theme and the textures are so smooth and detailed. Great job!”

“One of the best PvP packs I’ve ever used. The colors are perfect and the models are awesome. I highly recommend this pack to anyone who likes PvP.”

“Wow this pack is so cool! The sounds are epic and the particles are beautiful. I feel like a pro when I use this pack.”

In conclusion, Hustle Blue 128x is a well-made texture pack that offers a great PvP experience for Minecraft players who like blue colors and high-quality textures. It is one of the best packs by SpacyLmao, who has also created other popular packs like Frenesí 16x or Omen Core 16x. If you want to try this pack yourself, you can download it from the links below:

: Hustle 128x blue Minecraft Texture Pack

: Hustle Blue 128x by SpacyLmao | PVPRP


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