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Lisan al-Arab: A Comprehensive Dictionary of Arabic Language

Lisan al-Arab: A Comprehensive Dictionary of Arabic Language

Lisan al-Arab (لسان العرب, “Tongue of Arabs”) is a dictionary of Arabic completed by Ibn Manzur in 1290. It is one of the most comprehensive and well-known dictionaries of the Arabic language, occupying 20 printed book volumes in the most frequently cited edition. It covers the classical and pre-Islamic Arabic language, as well as the words and expressions coined by the Arab poets and orators. It also traces the etymology and history of the words, citing the sources and authorities for each entry.

The dictionary is based on five major sources: TahdhÄ«b al-Lugha of AzharÄ«, Al-Muḥkam of Ibn Sidah, Al-Nihāya of Ibn AthÄ«r, á¹¢iḥāḥ of Jauhari, and Kitāb at-TanbÄ«h wa-l-Īḍāḥ of Ibn BarrÄ«. Ibn Manzur reindexed and reproduced the contents of these works to facilitate readers’ use of and access to them. He also added his own comments and explanations where needed. The dictionary follows the á¹¢iḥāḥ in the arrangement of the roots: The headwords are not arranged by the alphabetical order of the radicals as usually done today in the study of Semitic languages, but according to the last radical – which makes finding rhyming endings significantly easier.

Lisan al-Arab is a valuable resource for anyone interested in the Arabic language and literature. It is also a testament to the rich and diverse heritage of the Arab culture and civilization. However, finding a copy of this dictionary can be challenging, as it is not widely available in print or online. Fortunately, there are some websites that offer free download of Lisan al-Arab in PDF format, such as archive.org. However, these websites may not have the complete or accurate version of the dictionary, and they may not be legal or safe to use. Therefore, it is advisable to exercise caution and discretion when downloading Lisan al-Arab from any source.

Some of the benefits of using Lisan al-Arab as a reference for the Arabic language are:

  • It provides a comprehensive and detailed coverage of the Arabic vocabulary, including rare and obsolete words.
  • It offers insights into the linguistic and cultural aspects of the Arab world, such as poetry, rhetoric, proverbs, idioms, and figures of speech.
  • It helps to improve one’s understanding and appreciation of the Arabic literature, especially the classical and pre-Islamic genres.
  • It enriches one’s knowledge and skills in the Arabic language, such as grammar, morphology, phonology, and semantics.

However, some of the challenges and limitations of using Lisan al-Arab as a reference for the Arabic language are:

  • It is written in a complex and archaic style of Arabic, which may be difficult to comprehend for modern readers.
  • It does not reflect the changes and developments that occurred in the Arabic language after the 13th century.
  • It may contain some errors or inconsistencies in the transcription or interpretation of the sources.
  • It may not include some words or expressions that are specific to certain regions or dialects of Arabic.

Therefore, it is recommended to use Lisan al-Arab with caution and critical thinking, and to consult other sources and dictionaries when necessary. Lisan al-Arab is a treasure trove of information and wisdom for anyone who loves the Arabic language, but it is not a substitute for learning and practicing the language in its contemporary and diverse forms.


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