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LuLu Lush: The Artist Behind the Mystic and Magic Photos

LuLu Lush: The Artist Behind the Mystic and Magic Photos

LuLu Lush is a Hawaii-based photographer, hair and makeup artist, and visionary who specializes in creating stunning portraits that capture the inner essence of her subjects. She has been in the beauty industry for more than a decade, and has recently expanded her skills to include imagery. Her photos are meant to be strong yet soft, bold and beautiful, the way she strives for all humans to feel.

LuLu Lush’s style is influenced by her love for nature, spirituality, and fantasy. She uses natural light, vibrant colors, and creative props to create a timeless image that feels otherworldly, a bit mystic and magic. She believes that every person has a creator within them, and she enjoys exploring the different versions of them waiting to be met. She says, “It’s a gift to witness you, to capture the creator within you, the many different versions of you waiting to be met. Deep dive into multidimensional creation, where dreams realities are natural and your truest self resides.”

LuLu Lush offers a variety of packages for her clients, ranging from personal branding, family portraits, couples sessions, maternity shoots, boudoir photos, and more. She provides complimentary hair and makeup with all of her portrait sessions, as well as wardrobe styling with access to her own collection of clothing and accessories. She also helps with creating a curated shot/look list to ensure that the vision of the client’s dreams is achieved. She says, “You can sit back in ease and know that you are safe with me to be your fullest expression!”

LuLu Lush’s work has been featured on various platforms, such as YouTube, Twitter, and her own website lululush.com. She is available for bookings worldwide, and can be contacted through her website or social media accounts. If you are looking for a photographer who can empower you while capturing your inner most essence, look no further than LuLu Lush!

One of the most distinctive features of LuLu Lush’s photos is her use of lush, which is a term she coined to describe the glowing effect she adds to her images. She says, “Lush is a feeling, a vibration, an energy. It’s the light that shines through you when you are in alignment with your highest self. It’s the radiance that emanates from you when you are living your purpose. It’s the sparkle that catches your eye when you are in love. Lush is what I see in you, and what I want to illuminate with my art.”

LuLu Lush’s passion for photography started when she was a child, and she always had a camera in her hand. She says, “I was fascinated by the power of capturing a moment in time, and how it could evoke emotions and memories. I loved documenting my life and the people around me. I also loved creating stories and fantasies with my imagination. Photography was a way for me to express myself and share my vision with the world.”

LuLu Lush’s journey as a hair and makeup artist began when she was a teenager, and she started experimenting with different looks and styles. She says, “I was always drawn to beauty and transformation. I loved playing with colors, textures, and shapes. I loved enhancing people’s natural beauty and bringing out their confidence. I also loved learning new techniques and trends. Hair and makeup was a way for me to connect with people and make them feel good about themselves.”

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