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MegaForce E1: Mega Mission – A Review

MegaForce E1: Mega Mission is the first episode of the new series MegaForce, a reboot of the classic Power Rangers franchise. The episode introduces us to the five teenagers who are chosen by Gosei, an ancient guardian of the Earth, to become the new Power Rangers and defend the planet from the evil Warstar aliens.

The episode is full of action, humor and nostalgia, as the new Rangers learn to use their morphers, weapons and zords. The episode also pays homage to the original series, with references to Zordon, Alpha 5 and the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. The episode ends with a cliffhanger, as the Rangers face off against Creepox, the second-in-command of the Warstar army.

MegaForce E1: Mega Mission is a fun and exciting start to the new series, and a must-watch for any Power Rangers fan. You can watch the episode online on Google Drive by clicking here.

One of the highlights of the episode is the introduction of the Megaforce cards, which are used by the Rangers to access their powers and abilities. The cards are based on the animals and elements that represent each Ranger, and can be combined to create different effects. For example, the Red Ranger can use the Dragon card to summon his Dragon Sword, or combine it with the Fire card to create a Dragon Flame attack.

The episode also showcases the personality and skills of each Ranger. Troy, the Red Ranger, is a natural leader and a martial arts expert. Emma, the Pink Ranger, is a kind-hearted environmentalist and a skilled photographer. Jake, the Black Ranger, is a soccer player and a comic relief. Gia, the Yellow Ranger, is a smart and confident student. Noah, the Blue Ranger, is a tech genius and a fanboy of the Power Rangers.

The episode sets up the main conflict of the series, as the Warstar aliens plan to invade Earth and destroy all life. The Warstar leader, Admiral Malkor, is a ruthless and cunning insectoid who commands a vast army of monsters and robots. His loyal followers include Vrak, a mysterious alien prince who can disguise himself as a human, and Creepox, a brutal warrior who despises humans and wants to fight the Rangers personally.

The episode also introduces the allies and mentors of the Rangers. Gosei is a wise and powerful being who was mentored by Zordon, the original mentor of the Power Rangers. He lives in a hidden tower and communicates with the Rangers through a robotic bird named Tensou. Tensou is a quirky and nervous robot who helps the Rangers with their missions and gadgets. The Rangers also have a human friend named Ernie, who runs a juice bar where they hang out.

MegaForce E1: Mega Mission is a thrilling and nostalgic episode that sets the tone for the rest of the series. The episode has a good balance of action, comedy and drama, and introduces the characters and concepts in an engaging way. The episode also leaves the viewers wanting more, as they wonder what will happen next in the battle between the Megaforce Rangers and the Warstar aliens.


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