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Muni Long – Hrs and Hrs: A Song About Intimate Quality Time

Muni Long - Hrs and Hrs: A Song About Intimate Quality Time

Muni Long is an American singer and songwriter who rose to fame with her song “Hrs and Hrs” from her EP Public Displays of Affection (2021). The song describes various forms of intimate quality time between two partners, such as talking, laughing, making love, and cuddling. The song was produced by Ralph Tiller and Dylan Graham, and was released as the third single from the EP on February 1, 2022.

“Hrs and Hrs” gained popularity through TikTok in late 2021, where it was used as part of the #HrsandHrsChallenge. The challenge involved couples showing their affection for each other in different ways, such as kissing, hugging, dancing, or cooking together. The song has over 897 million views on YouTube and over 146 million streams on Spotify as of May 2022.

Muni Long, whose real name is Priscilla Renea, said that she wrote the song as a freestyle and initially recorded it as a demo. She later decided to include it in her sessions for Public Displays of Affection, where it became one of her favorite tracks. She said that the song reflects her own experience of finding true love after being disappointed by many men. She said that she wanted to express her gratitude and appreciation for her partner, who makes her feel empowered and happy.

Muni Long performed the song live on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in February 2021, where she impressed the audience with her vocals and charisma. She also released a music video for the song, directed by Child, which shows her and her lover spending time together in various locations, such as a hotel room, a rooftop pool, a restaurant, and a beach. The video also features cameo appearances by rapper YG and singer Trey Songz.

“Hrs and Hrs” is a catchy and romantic R&B song that showcases Muni Long’s talent and personality. It is a song that celebrates love and intimacy in a genuine and passionate way.

Public Displays of Affection is Muni Long’s debut EP, which was released on November 19, 2021. The EP consists of seven tracks, including “Hrs and Hrs”, “No R&B”, “No Signal”, “Midnight Snack”, “Thot Thoughts”, “Nekkid”, and “Break Up With Your Girlfriend”. The EP showcases Muni Long’s versatility and creativity as an artist, as she explores different themes and genres, such as R&B, pop, hip hop, and soul. The EP also features collaborations with artists such as YG, Pretty Ricky, and Jacob Latimore.

Muni Long said that the EP was inspired by her own personal experiences and emotions, as well as her love for music and art. She said that she wanted to create a project that was honest, authentic, and relatable to her fans. She said that the EP represents her journey of self-discovery and self-expression, as well as her desire to share her stories and feelings with the world. She said that the EP is a reflection of her personality and style, which she describes as “funny, sexy, smart, and sassy”.

Public Displays of Affection received positive reviews from critics and fans alike, who praised Muni Long’s voice, lyrics, production, and originality. The EP also performed well on the charts, reaching number 12 on the Billboard Top R&B Albums chart and number 67 on the Billboard 200 chart. The EP also earned Muni Long several nominations and awards, such as the BET Award for Best Female R&B/Pop Artist, the Soul Train Music Award for Best New Artist, and the Grammy Award for Best R&B Album.


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