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My Talking Tom Friends: A Fun and Interactive Virtual Pet Game

My Talking Tom Friends: A Fun and Interactive Virtual Pet Game

Do you love playing with cute and funny animals? Do you want to have six adorable pet friends in one app? If you answered yes, then you should try My Talking Tom Friends, a new virtual pet game from Outfit7, the creators of My Talking Tom, My Talking Tom 2 and My Talking Angela 2.

My Talking Tom Friends is a game where you can take care of Tom, Angela, Hank, Ginger, Ben and Becca, all at once. You can feed them, dress them up, play with them, take them to town, and watch them interact with each other. You can also customize their house and collect stickers and coins.

The game is full of fun and surprises. You can see how the pets react to different foods, activities and toys. You can also play mini games with them and unlock new items and rewards. You can even watch videos of Outfit7’s animated characters on YouTube.

My Talking Tom Friends is a game that will make you laugh and smile every day. It is suitable for everyone who loves animals and games. You can download it for free on Google Play or App Store and enjoy managing this team of pet friends.

But My Talking Tom Friends is not just about taking care of your pets. It’s also about having fun with them and discovering new things. Here are some tips and tricks to help you get the most out of this game:

  • Unlock all six characters and develop your friends’ skills. You start the game with Tom and soon meet Angela in the tutorial. From there, you can unlock other familiar faces like Hank, Ginger, Ben and Becca. Each character has their favorite places and props in the house, and you can level them up by having them interact with them. This will improve their skills in one of five categories: Arty, Sporty, Brainy, Homey and Friendly .
  • Customize your characters and keep your furry friends fed. You can change the look of your characters and their house by using the wardrobe and the shop. The wardrobe includes sets of clothing and accessories that you can mix and match, while the shop offers furniture, decorations and more. Some items can be earned as rewards or bought with coins or real money. You can also feed your characters by sitting them at the dining table or picking berries from the bush in the front yard. Try different foods and see how they react.
  • Use the berry bush and grow a variety of food. The berry bush is not only a source of food, but also a mini-game where you can grow different types of berries by tapping on them. You can also plant seeds in the garden and water them to grow vegetables, fruits and flowers. Harvest your crops and use them to cook delicious dishes in the kitchen.
  • Play mini-games and earn coins. There are many mini-games to play with your characters, such as basketball, guitar hero, skateboarding, painting and more . Each mini-game has different levels of difficulty and rewards. You can earn coins by playing mini-games or completing tasks on the bulletin board. You can use coins to buy items from the shop or unlock new mini-games.
  • Explore the town and meet new friends. You can take your characters to the town by using the bus or the car. There you can visit different places like the supermarket, the cinema, the park, the pet salon and more . You can also meet new friends like Talking Pierre, Talking Santa and Talking Roby. Interact with them and see what they have to say.

My Talking Tom Friends is a game that will keep you entertained for hours. You can create your own stories with your favorite characters and enjoy their personalities and antics. Download it now and join the fun!


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