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One Piece Episode 169

One Piece Episode 169: The Life-Threatening Reject! War Demon Wyper’s Resolve

One Piece Episode 169: The Life-Threatening Reject! War Demon Wyper's Resolve

One Piece is a popular anime series based on the manga of the same name by Eiichiro Oda. It follows the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy and his crew of Straw Hat Pirates as they sail through the Grand Line in search of the legendary treasure One Piece and the title of King of the Pirates.

In episode 169, Luffy and his friends continue their exploration of Skypiea, a mysterious island in the sky. They encounter the Shandia, a tribe of warriors who are fighting against the God of Skypiea, Enel, for their ancestral land. One of the Shandia leaders, Wyper, is determined to defeat Enel and his priests at any cost, even if it means using a deadly weapon called the Reject Dial.

The Reject Dial is a type of Impact Dial that absorbs and releases kinetic energy. However, unlike the normal Impact Dial, the Reject Dial also inflicts severe damage to the user’s body. Wyper uses the Reject Dial to take out one of Enel’s priests, Shura, who was riding a giant bird called Fuza. Wyper declares that he will sacrifice his life to reclaim his homeland and honor his ancestors.

Meanwhile, Luffy and his crew are split up by Enel’s divine intervention. Luffy ends up in a giant snake’s stomach with Nami and Aisa, a Shandia girl who can sense other people’s voices. Zoro, Robin, and Chopper are trapped in a giant ancient ruin called Upper Yard. Sanji and Usopp are chased by another priest, Satori, and his exploding balls. And Gan Fall, the former God of Skypiea, is wounded by Enel himself.

Will Luffy and his friends be able to survive Skypiea’s dangers and mysteries? Will Wyper and the Shandia succeed in their rebellion against Enel? And what is Enel’s true goal behind ruling Skypiea? Find out in One Piece Episode 169!

In episode 170, Zoro’s battle with Braham is over, but he still has to face the other Shandia warriors who are after his head. He encounters a strange man named Genbo who uses a bazooka and a giant iron ball to attack him. Zoro manages to dodge his attacks and cut his iron ball in half with his swords.

Meanwhile, Luffy and Wyper are still fighting each other, but they are interrupted by Enel’s voice. Enel announces that he has eliminated four people from the survival game: Sanji, Usopp, Satori, and Kamakiri. He also reveals that he has a power called Mantra that allows him to sense the presence and thoughts of others. He demonstrates this by predicting Luffy’s next move and striking him with a lightning bolt.

Wyper is shocked by Enel’s power and wonders how he can defeat him. He remembers his past and how his people were oppressed by the Skypieans for centuries. He vows to reclaim their land and honor their ancestors who died in the war. He decides to use his Reject Dial again, despite the risk of killing himself.

At the same time, Chopper arrives at the ruins where Robin is exploring. He is amazed by the ancient structures and carvings, but he is also scared by the Divine Soldiers who are guarding them. He tries to hide from them, but he accidentally activates a trap that causes a giant stone snake to emerge from the ground.

Robin notices the snake and realizes that it is actually a part of the ruins. She deduces that the snake is a representation of a god that was worshipped by the ancient civilization that built the ruins. She wonders what secrets lie within the snake and what connection it has to Skypiea’s history.

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