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Phantom Brigade-FLT: A Turn-Based Tactical RPG with a Twist

Phantom Brigade-FLT is a turn-based tactical RPG that puts you in command of a squad of mech pilots in a war-torn future. You must lead your team through a branching story campaign, customize your mechs with weapons and equipment, and engage in strategic battles with a unique time manipulation system.

The game features a rich and reactive world that reacts to your actions and choices. You can liberate territories, recruit new allies, and face the consequences of your decisions. The game also offers a sandbox mode where you can create your own scenarios and challenges.

Phantom Brigade-FLT is developed by Brace Yourself Games, the studio behind Crypt of the NecroDancer and Industries of Titan. The game is available now on PC via Steam and Epic Games Store.

Phantom Brigade-FLT is a game that combines turn-based tactics with real-time action. You can plan your moves in advance and then watch them unfold in a cinematic way. You can also pause and rewind the action at any time, allowing you to adjust your strategy and correct your mistakes.

The game’s combat system is based on physics and destruction. You can use the environment to your advantage, such as hiding behind cover, breaking walls, or causing explosions. You can also target specific parts of enemy mechs, such as weapons, armor, or limbs, and disable them with precision.

The game’s story campaign is nonlinear and dynamic. You can choose which missions to take, which factions to ally with, and how to deal with the enemy commander. Your choices will affect the outcome of the war and the fate of your squad. The game also features permadeath and injury mechanics, adding more challenge and immersion.

Phantom Brigade-FLT is a game that offers a lot of customization options for your mechs and pilots. You can equip your mechs with various weapons and modules, such as lasers, rockets, shields, or cloaking devices. You can also modify their appearance, color, and decals. You can also upgrade your pilots’ skills and abilities, such as hacking, stealth, or leadership.

The game’s graphics and sound are impressive and immersive. The game features detailed and realistic environments, such as cities, forests, or deserts. The game also has a dynamic weather and day/night cycle system that affects the gameplay and visuals. The game’s soundtrack is composed by Danny Baranowsky, the composer of Crypt of the NecroDancer and Super Meat Boy.

Phantom Brigade-FLT is a game that will appeal to fans of turn-based tactical RPGs, mech games, and sci-fi stories. The game offers a deep and engaging gameplay experience that will challenge your skills and creativity. The game is currently in early access and will receive regular updates and improvements.

If you are interested in Phantom Brigade-FLT, you can find more information and purchase the game on its official website: https://www.phantombrigade.com/. You can also follow the game’s development and news on its social media accounts: Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. You can also join the game’s community on its Discord server and Reddit subreddit.

Phantom Brigade-FLT is a game that deserves your attention and support. It is a unique and innovative turn-based tactical RPG that will keep you hooked for hours. If you are looking for a game that combines strategy, action, customization, and story, Phantom Brigade-FLT is the game for you.

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