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RAID: Shadow Legends 6.40.1 – A Colorful Fantasy RPG with PvP

RAID: Shadow Legends 6.40.1 - A Colorful Fantasy RPG with PvP

RAID: Shadow Legends is a popular role-playing game that lets you explore a realistic fantasy world with hundreds of heroes from 16 factions. You have to recruit the most legendary warriors from the forces of Light and Darkness, train them to fight together, and form the ultimate raiding party.

In this game, you can enjoy a thrilling campaign mode with more than 10 episodes, as well as challenge other players in PvP duels and climb the leaderboard. You can also customize your heroes with different weapons, armor, skills, and artifacts to suit your playstyle and strategy.

The latest version of RAID: Shadow Legends is 6.40.1, which was released on January 23, 2023. This update adds the first season of the battle pass, improves the balance, and fixes some bugs. You can download this version for free from Androeed.ru, a website that offers APK files for Android games and apps.

If you are looking for a captivating RPG with stunning graphics and immersive gameplay, you should give RAID: Shadow Legends a try. You will not regret it!

If you want to master RAID: Shadow Legends, you need to know some tips and tricks that can help you improve your gameplay and progress faster. Here are some of them:

  • Dominate the battlefield by choosing the right champions for each encounter. Learn the strengths and weaknesses of each faction and element, and use them to your advantage. You can also use the auto-battle feature to speed up the fights, but make sure you have a strong team that can handle it.
  • Use the portal, tavern and sparring pit to unlock and upgrade new warriors. You can summon new champions from the portal using shards or gems, but be aware of the rarity and quality of each shard. You can also upgrade your champions by leveling them up, ranking them up, ascending them or giving them masteries in the tavern. The sparring pit is a place where you can put your champions to train passively and gain some experience over time.
  • Make sure all of your favorite champions have gear of the same color alignment attached to them. This will give them a set bonus that can boost their stats or abilities. You can get gear from different places, such as campaign stages, dungeons, clan boss, arena or events. You can also upgrade your gear by enhancing it with silver or refining it with glyphs.
  • Unlock the mine, upgrade it accordingly, then go crazy with gem spending in the shop. The mine is a building that produces gems over time, which are very valuable in the game. You can use gems to buy energy, arena tokens, shards, XP boosts, silver and more. You can also use gems to reset dungeon attempts or clan boss keys.
  • Stay abreast of all your missions, quests and challenges. These are tasks that you can complete to earn rewards such as shards, gems, energy, silver, gear and more. They also help you learn more about the game and its features. You can find them in the progress missions tab, daily quests tab and challenges tab.

These are just some of the tips and tricks that can help you enjoy RAID: Shadow Legends more. There are many more things to discover and explore in this game, so don’t be afraid to experiment and have fun!

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