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If you are looking for a mixtape that will keep you entertained and uplifted with some of the best reggae tunes, then you should check out REGGAE HITS MIX – BABA DEDE. This is a YouTube video by JOHNNY JOHNITO, a Kenyan DJ who specializes in reggae music. He has been uploading mixtapes since 2019 and has gained over 98,000 subscribers.

REGGAE HITS MIX – BABA DEDE is one of his latest uploads, and it features 10 songs from various artists, such as Everton Blender, Chronixx, Luciano, Marlon Asher, and more. The mixtape is over an hour long and covers different styles and themes of reggae music, such as roots, culture, love, and ganja. The songs are well-selected and blended smoothly, creating a seamless flow of positive vibes and catchy melodies.

Some of the highlights of the mixtape are:

  • Lift Up Your Head by Everton Blender: A motivational song that encourages listeners to stay strong and hopeful in the face of challenges.
  • Who Knows by Protoje feat. Chronixx: A collaboration between two of the most popular reggae artists of the current generation, this song is a celebration of life and its mysteries.
  • Ganja Farmer by Marlon Asher: A tribute to the farmers who grow the herb that many reggae lovers enjoy, this song is a catchy anthem that praises the benefits of marijuana.
  • You Don’t Love Me (No No No) by Dawn Penn: A classic reggae hit from the 90s, this song is a catchy and relatable expression of heartbreak and rejection.

REGGAE HITS MIX – BABA DEDE is a mixtape that will appeal to both reggae fans and newcomers alike. It showcases some of the best songs and artists in the genre, and it delivers a satisfying listening experience. You can watch the video on YouTube or listen to it on Mixcloud. You can also follow JOHNNY JOHNITO on his social media platforms for more updates and mixtapes.

If you want to learn more about the DJ behind the mixtape, you can watch another YouTube video by NRG TV, where BABA DEDE, also known as Teargas The Entertainer, talks about his journey and passion for reggae music. He reveals how he started as a dancer and later became a DJ, and how he uses his platform to spread positive messages and educate his audience. He also shares some of his challenges and achievements, such as performing at major events and collaborating with other DJs and artists.

BABA DEDE is one of the most influential and respected reggae DJs in Kenya and beyond. He has a loyal fan base that appreciates his skills and style. He is also a mentor and a role model for many aspiring DJs who want to follow his footsteps. He is a true ambassador of reggae culture and music.

REGGAE HITS MIX – BABA DEDE is a testament to his talent and dedication. It is a mixtape that will make you dance, sing, smile, and think. It is a mixtape that will make you love reggae music even more.

REGGAE HITS MIX – BABA DEDE is not the only mixtape that you can enjoy from JOHNNY JOHNITO. He has a variety of other mixtapes that cater to different tastes and moods. Whether you are looking for some gospel reggae, some urban reggae, some dancehall, or some old school classics, he has something for you. You can browse his YouTube channel and find the mixtape that suits you best.

JOHNNY JOHNITO is a DJ who loves reggae music and wants to share it with the world. He is a DJ who mixes with skill and passion. He is a DJ who knows how to entertain and educate. He is a DJ who deserves your support and appreciation.

REGGAE HITS MIX – BABA DEDE is a mixtape that you should not miss. It is a mixtape that will make you a fan of JOHNNY JOHNITO and BABA DEDE. It is a mixtape that will make you a fan of reggae music.


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