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Sheebah – Jealousy

Sheebah releases new song “Jealousy” to address her haters

Sheebah releases new song

Ugandan singer and songwriter Sheebah Karungi, popularly known as Sheebah, has dropped a new song titled “Jealousy” to fire back at her critics and enemies. The song, which was released on August 20, 2022, is a dancehall track that showcases Sheebah’s vocal prowess and attitude.

In the song, Sheebah sings about how some people are jealous of her success and try to bring her down. She also expresses her confidence and resilience in the face of challenges and negativity. She sings: “Jealousy people everywhere eh / See envy everywhere / Bad mind people everywhere / They fight me every day / Jealousy people everywhere eh / See envy everywhere / Bad mind people everywhere / Can’t cool the fire anyway”

The song was produced by Di Mario Legend and has a catchy beat and hook that will make anyone want to dance. The song also has a music video that was uploaded on Sheebah’s official YouTube channel. The video features Sheebah in various outfits and scenes, displaying her charisma and style.

“Jealousy” is one of the singles from Sheebah’s upcoming album, which is expected to be released later this year. Sheebah is one of the most popular and successful female artists in Uganda, with several awards and nominations to her name. She is known for her hits such as “Nkwatako”, “Kisasi Kimu”, “Njiira Love”, and “Replace Me”.

Sheebah’s fans have praised her for releasing another banger and have shown their support on social media. They have also expressed their admiration for her talent and courage to address her haters. One fan commented: “Sheebah is the queen of Ugandan music. No one can stop her shine. Jealousy is a hit!”

You can listen to “Jealousy” by Sheebah on Spotify or download it for free on Howwe.ug. You can also watch the video on YouTube and share your thoughts in the comments section.

Sheebah is not the only Ugandan artist who has faced jealousy and criticism from others. In fact, she has collaborated with some of them to create songs that address the issue. For example, she teamed up with Leila Kayondo to release “Osobola” in 2018, a song that encourages women to be independent and strong. She also worked with Fik Fameica to release “Tevunya” in 2020, a song that challenges the haters to mind their own business.

Sheebah has also been vocal about her views on jealousy and how it affects the music industry. In an interview with Howwe.ug in 2019, she said: “Jealousy is a disease that kills people’s dreams and talents. It is very common in our industry and it is very sad. I wish people would support each other and celebrate each other’s achievements instead of being bitter and hateful.”

Sheebah has also revealed that she has faced jealousy from some of her family members and friends who did not believe in her or support her career. She said that she had to cut off some of them from her life and focus on her goals. She said: “I have lost some people along the way because they were jealous of me and they tried to pull me down. But I don’t regret it because they were not good for me. I have learned to surround myself with positive people who love me and motivate me.”

Sheebah has also advised her fans and fellow artists to avoid jealousy and focus on their own growth and happiness. She said: “Jealousy is a waste of time and energy. It only makes you miserable and bitter. Instead of being jealous of someone else, you should work hard to achieve your own dreams and be happy for yourself. You should also appreciate what you have and be grateful for every opportunity you get.”

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