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SimpleAuth v1.6.0

SimpleAuth v1.6.0: A Plugin for PocketMine-MP to Prevent Impersonation

SimpleAuth v1.6.0: A Plugin for PocketMine-MP to Prevent Impersonation

SimpleAuth v1.6.0 is a plugin for PocketMine-MP, a server software for Minecraft: Pocket Edition. It requires players to register and login with a password before they can play on the server. This prevents impersonation of other players or admins, and adds an extra layer of security.

SimpleAuth v1.6.0 was released on November 29, 2014 and supports API 1.8.0. It includes an API for plugin developers, so they can use SimpleAuth’s events or methods to register/login/detect logins. It also has many features and options that can be configured in the messages.yml file inside the SimpleAuth config folder. Some of the features are:

  • Auto login players that have purchased Minecraft
  • Online UUIDs for online players
  • Disabled movement for de-authenticated players
  • Disabled block interactions
  • Inventory protection (item moving and dropping)
  • Sessions
  • Coordinate protection
  • Prevents “Logged in from another location”

To use SimpleAuth v1.6.0, you need to download the plugin from here and put it in your plugins folder. Then, restart your server and you are ready to go. Players can use the commands /register and /login to create and access their accounts. You can also set a global password for all players in the config file.

SimpleAuth v1.6.0 is a must-have plugin for PocketMine-MP servers that want to protect their players and admins from impersonation and unauthorized access.

SimpleAuth v1.6.0 is not the only plugin available for PocketMine-MP servers. There are many other plugins that can enhance your server with different features and functionalities. Some of the popular plugins are:

  • ScoreHud: A plugin that allows you to display customizable scoreboards on the player’s screen.
  • BuilderTools: A plugin that provides various tools for building and editing your world, such as brushes, fillers, replacers, etc.
  • PurePerms: A plugin that allows you to manage permissions and groups for your players.
  • PureChat: A plugin that allows you to customize the chat format and add prefixes and suffixes to player names.
  • SkyBlock: A plugin that allows you to create and manage your own skyblock islands with challenges and rewards.
  • MultiWorld: A plugin that allows you to create and manage multiple worlds on your server with different settings and generators.
  • MyPlot: A plugin that allows you to create and manage your own plots with protection and economy features.
  • PiggyCustomEnchants: A plugin that adds custom enchantments to your server with different effects and abilities.
  • CustomShopUI: A plugin that allows you to create and customize your own shops with a user-friendly interface.
  • EasyCommandAutofill: A plugin that allows you to autocomplete commands with suggestions and aliases.

You can find more plugins for PocketMine-MP on Poggit, a website that hosts and reviews plugins for PocketMine-MP servers. You can also browse GitHub topics for pocketmine-plugins or pocketmine-mp-plugins to find more plugins from different developers.

If you want to create your own plugins for PocketMine-MP, you can use the DevTools plugin, which allows you to load plugins from source code and test them on your server. You can also use the Sheep plugin, which allows you to download and update plugins from Poggit directly on your server.

PocketMine-MP plugins are a great way to customize and improve your server experience. With SimpleAuth v1.6.0 and other plugins, you can make your server more secure, fun, and unique.

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