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Skeng Mixtape 2022 The Best Of Skeng 2020 – 2022


Skeng Mixtape 2022: The Ultimate Dancehall Playlist

Skeng Mixtape 2022: The Ultimate Dancehall Playlist

If you are looking for the best dancehall songs of the past two years, look no further than Skeng Mixtape 2022. This is a compilation of the hottest tracks from Skeng, a Jamaican producer and artist who has been dominating the genre with his catchy hooks, hard-hitting beats and versatile flows.

Skeng Mixtape 2022 features 22 songs from Skeng and his collaborators, including Intence, Govana, Stalk Ashley and Tommy Lee. The mixtape covers a range of topics, from street life and romance to partying and success. Whether you want to vibe, dance or chill, Skeng Mixtape 2022 has something for you.

Some of the highlights of the mixtape are:

  • Likkle Miss: A catchy song about a girl who has Skeng’s attention with her curves and attitude.
  • Vibes: A feel-good song about enjoying life and having fun with friends.
  • Protocol: A collaboration with Tommy Lee, a veteran dancehall artist, about staying loyal to the code of the streets.
  • Gvnman Shift: A hard-hitting song about Skeng’s work ethic and ambition.
  • Heaven Passport: A collaboration with Intence, one of the most popular dancehall artists right now, about their aspirations and achievements.

You can listen to Skeng Mixtape 2022 on YouTube, SoundCloud or Audiomack. You can also follow Skeng on his social media accounts to stay updated on his latest releases and news.

Skeng Mixtape 2022 is the best of Skeng 2020 – 2022. Don’t miss out on this amazing dancehall playlist that will keep you entertained and energized for hours.

Skeng is not only a producer and artist, but also a label owner and entrepreneur. He founded Skeng Records in 2020, a platform for showcasing and promoting talented dancehall artists from Jamaica and beyond. Skeng Records has signed and worked with artists such as Navaz, Talibhan, Stalk Ashley and more.

Skeng is also known for his innovative and creative approach to music production. He blends different genres and influences, such as trap, hip hop, R&B and pop, to create his own unique sound. He also experiments with different vocal effects, such as auto-tune, distortion and reverb, to add more flavor and variety to his songs.

Skeng Mixtape 2022 is a testament to Skeng’s versatility and talent as a producer and artist. It showcases his ability to craft catchy melodies, deliver witty lyrics and switch between different flows and styles. It also features some of the best dancehall artists in the scene, who complement Skeng’s vibe and energy.

Skeng Mixtape 2022 is not only a great collection of songs, but also a reflection of Skeng’s journey and growth as a producer and artist. Skeng started his career in 2018, releasing his first single “Who Dat”. Since then, he has been consistently releasing quality music, gaining fans and recognition in the dancehall scene.

Skeng has also been collaborating with some of the biggest names in the industry, such as Vybz Kartel, Popcaan, Alkaline and more. He has also been producing for other artists, such as Masicka, Teejay and Chronic Law. Skeng has proven himself to be a versatile and talented producer, who can adapt to different styles and sounds.

Skeng Mixtape 2022 is a celebration of Skeng’s achievements and progress in the past two years. It is also a showcase of his potential and vision for the future. Skeng is determined to take his music to the next level, and to make his mark in the global music scene.


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