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Soner Avcu – Kayıp Şehir: A Song About Lost Love and a Lost City

Soner Avcu is a Turkish singer and songwriter who released his debut album Herşey Karışık (Everything is Mixed) in 2022. One of the songs from the album is Kayıp Şehir (Lost City), which is a melancholic ballad about a broken relationship and a lonely life in a big city.

The song was written by Soner Avcu himself and produced by him as well. It was released as a single on September 30, 2021. The song has a catchy chorus that repeats the phrase “Ah ah ah, ah ah ah” and expresses the pain of losing someone and feeling lost in a city that seems to swallow you up.

The lyrics of the song describe the feelings of the narrator who misses his lover and regrets letting her go. He says that she was always close to him like the summer sun, but he couldn’t see it until it was too late. He says that his heart is beaten by the clouds that cover the sky at night. He begs her not to leave him in the past and run away again. He says that this separation hurts him so much and that this lost city will devour him without her.

The song is a reflection of Soner Avcu’s own experiences of living in Istanbul, a metropolis of 15 million people, where he moved from his hometown of Konya to pursue his musical career. He says that he felt lonely and alienated in the city and that he struggled with his relationships. He says that he wrote the song as a way of expressing his emotions and coping with his problems.

Kayıp Şehir is a song that resonates with many people who have experienced love and loss, and who have felt the pressure and isolation of living in a big city. It is a song that showcases Soner Avcu’s talent as a singer and songwriter, and that marks him as one of the rising stars of Turkish pop music.

Soner Avcu was born in Konya, a city in central Turkey, and grew up with a passion for music. He started playing guitar and singing at a young age, and participated in various music competitions and festivals. He moved to Istanbul to study at the Istanbul Technical University’s Turkish Music State Conservatory, where he graduated with a degree in music education.

He began his professional music career in 2018, when he released his first single Aşk Biter (Love Ends), which was featured in the soundtrack of the popular Turkish TV series Bir Litre Gözyaşı (A Liter of Tears). He also appeared as an actor in the same series, playing the role of Emre. He continued to release more singles, such as Karıştım (I’m Confused), Delice (Madly), and Yeniden (Again), which were also used as theme songs for various TV shows.

He gained more recognition and popularity with his debut album Herşey Karışık, which he released in 2022. The album consists of 10 songs, all written and composed by Soner Avcu himself. The album showcases his versatile musical style, ranging from pop to rock to folk. The album also features collaborations with other Turkish artists, such as Cem Adrian, Buray, and Ece Mumay.

Soner Avcu is one of the most promising and talented musicians in Turkey, who has a loyal fan base and a growing international audience. He is known for his expressive voice, his poetic lyrics, and his original melodies. He is also a multi-instrumentalist who can play guitar, piano, drums, and violin. He is inspired by various genres and artists, such as rock, blues, jazz, classical, Turkish folk, Queen, Pink Floyd, Coldplay, and Ed Sheeran.

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