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TEKOMLAKU – Menungso Oratoto Official Music Video


TEKOMLAKU Releases New Single “Menungso Oratoto”

TEKOMLAKU Releases New Single

Indonesian pop band TEKOMLAKU has just dropped their latest single “Menungso Oratoto”, which means “Waiting for You” in Javanese. The song is a catchy and upbeat tune that expresses the longing and hope of someone who is waiting for their lover to come back.

The official music video for “Menungso Oratoto” features the band members performing in various locations, such as a rooftop, a park, and a studio. The video also shows scenes of a couple who are separated by distance and time, but still keep in touch through phone calls and video chats. The video ends with a sweet reunion of the couple at the airport.

“Menungso Oratoto” is the second single from TEKOMLAKU’s upcoming album, which is expected to be released later this year. The band has previously released “Cinta Tak Terbatas Waktu”, which was a cover of a classic song by Didi Kempot. TEKOMLAKU is known for their fusion of pop and traditional music, as well as their energetic and charismatic performances.

Fans can watch the official music video for “Menungso Oratoto” on TEKOMLAKU’s YouTube channel, or stream the song on various music platforms.

TEKOMLAKU is a band that consists of four members: Rizky, Dika, Rama, and Fajar. They formed in 2019 and debuted with their first single “Sampai Jumpa”, which was a tribute to the late singer Chrisye. Since then, they have released several songs that showcase their musical versatility and creativity.

The band’s name TEKOMLAKU means “let’s do it” in Javanese, which reflects their attitude and spirit. They aim to inspire their fans and listeners with their positive and uplifting messages, as well as their passion and talent for music. They also want to promote the richness and diversity of Indonesian culture through their songs.

TEKOMLAKU has gained a loyal fanbase both in Indonesia and abroad, thanks to their online presence and engagement. They often interact with their fans through social media and live streams, where they share their stories, opinions, and insights. They also collaborate with other artists and influencers, such as Rara Sekar, Hanin Dhiya, and Skinnyfabs.

TEKOMLAKU is currently working on their debut album, which they hope to release in the near future. They have revealed that the album will contain 10 tracks, including their previous singles and some new songs. They have also hinted that the album will feature some surprises and collaborations that will delight their fans.

The band has expressed their gratitude and excitement for their upcoming album, which they consider as a milestone and a dream come true. They have also thanked their fans for their constant support and love, and promised to deliver their best music and performance. They have invited their fans to stay tuned for more updates and announcements about their album.

TEKOMLAKU is not only a band, but also a family and a community. They have a close bond and friendship with each other, as well as with their fans and collaborators. They often share their personal and professional experiences, challenges, and achievements with their audience, and encourage them to pursue their dreams and goals.

The band has also been involved in various social and environmental causes, such as raising awareness and funds for disaster relief, education, and conservation. They have participated in several campaigns and events that aim to make a positive impact and difference in the world. They have also donated some of their proceeds and merchandise to various charities and organizations.

TEKOMLAKU is a band that has a vision and a mission to spread happiness and harmony through their music. They have proven themselves as one of the most promising and talented bands in the Indonesian music scene, and they have no plans of slowing down. They have a lot of surprises and projects in store for their fans, and they are ready to take on any challenge and opportunity that comes their way.


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