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The Ouroboros King: A Chess-like Roguelike with a Twist

The Ouroboros King: A Chess-like Roguelike with a Twist

The Ouroboros King is a strategy game that combines the tactical depth of chess with the build variety and replayability of roguelikes. Developed by Oriol Cosp and published by Hawthorn Games, the game is available for PC on Steam and itch.io.

In The Ouroboros King, you must build a formidable army of chess pieces, each with their own abilities and bonuses. You can also discover powerful relics and buy surprising gadgets to enhance your troops and gain an edge over your enemies. The game features a procedurally generated map with different paths, enemies, and rewards, ensuring that no two runs are the same.

The game also has a unique twist: if you are defeated, you can go back to action on another timeline, where the situation will change. This means that you can try different strategies and explore different outcomes, but also face new challenges and dangers. The game has a lot of end-game options to dial up the difficulty to insane levels, as well as beautiful illustrations by Isaac Murgadella.

If you are a fan of chess, roguelikes, or both, you should definitely check out The Ouroboros King. It is a game that will test your skills, challenge your mind, and keep you hooked for hours.

The Ouroboros King has received very positive reviews from players and critics alike. The game has a 97% positive rating on Steam, based on 89 reviews. Many reviewers praised the game’s originality, depth, and challenge, as well as its charming art style and music.

Some examples of the reviews are:

“This game is amazing. It’s like chess but with roguelike elements. You can customize your pieces with different abilities and items, and the enemies are varied and challenging. The game is also very polished and well-designed. I highly recommend it to anyone who likes strategy games.”

– A Steam user

“The Ouroboros King is a deeply strategic chess roguelike that will test your skills and keep you hooked for hours. The game has a lot of content and replay value, with different pieces, relics, gadgets, and maps to explore. The game also has a unique twist that lets you go back to another timeline if you lose, which adds more variety and challenge. The game is also very beautiful, with stunning illustrations and a great soundtrack.”

– Retromation, a YouTube gamer

“This game is a gem. It’s a perfect blend of chess and roguelike, with a lot of depth and creativity. The game is very well-balanced and fun to play, with different strategies and outcomes possible. The game also has a charming aesthetic and a catchy music. I love this game and I can’t wait to see more updates.”

– A Steam user

The Ouroboros King is developed by Oriol Cosp, a Spanish indie game developer who has been making games since 2014. He is also the creator of other games such as EndCycle VS, a grid-based action RPG, and Dark Chess, a chess variant with fog of war. He is passionate about creating games that are innovative, challenging, and fun.

Oriol Cosp has been working on The Ouroboros King since 2020, and he has been updating the game regularly with new features and improvements. He has also been listening to the feedback from the players and implementing their suggestions. He is currently working on adding more content and polish to the game, as well as preparing for the full release in early 2023.

The Ouroboros King is a game that deserves your attention if you are looking for a fresh and engaging strategy game. It is a game that will make you think, plan, and adapt to different situations. It is a game that will challenge you, but also reward you with a satisfying sense of accomplishment. It is a game that you can play for hours or for minutes, depending on your mood and time. It is a game that you can enjoy alone or with friends, thanks to its online multiplayer mode.

The Ouroboros King is a game that you can download now on Steam or itch.io, and play the demo for free. You can also follow the developer on Twitter or join his Discord server to stay updated on the game’s development and join the community of fans. The Ouroboros King is a game that you should not miss.

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