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Tim JANDARMA: A New Animated Series for Children by the Turkish Gendarmerie

Tim JANDARMA: A New Animated Series for Children by the Turkish Gendarmerie

The Turkish Gendarmerie General Command has launched a new animated series for children called Tim JANDARMA, which means Team Gendarmerie. The series aims to introduce the children to the various duties and heroic deeds of the gendarmerie, as well as to instill personal virtues and national values in them.

The series consists of 13 episodes, each lasting seven minutes, and features a team of children with different talents and skills who use advanced vehicles and equipment that symbolize the domestic and national defense industry of Turkey. The team goes on various adventures and solves problems related to animal protection, rescue operations, environmental cleanliness, cyber security, protection of the Çanakkale Martyrs’ Monument, and more.

The series is produced with 3D animation technique and has a content that is suitable for child development and free of violence. The series also has a YouTube channel where the episodes are uploaded and can be watched by anyone. The first episode was released on November 30, 2021 and received positive feedback from the viewers.

Tim JANDARMA is a unique and innovative project that showcases the role and importance of the gendarmerie in Turkey and the world. It also aims to inspire and educate the children who are the future of the nation.

The gendarmerie is a military force that is responsible for maintaining public order and security in rural areas and regions where there is no police presence. The gendarmerie also performs other tasks such as border security, counter-terrorism, disaster relief, and international peacekeeping. The gendarmerie has a history that dates back to the Ottoman Empire and has been serving the Turkish Republic since its establishment in 1923.

The gendarmerie has a motto that says “Kahramanlar can verir yurdu yaşatmak için”, which means “Heroes give their lives to keep the homeland alive”. This motto reflects the courage and sacrifice of the gendarmerie personnel who have fought and died for the sake of their country and people. The gendarmerie also has a symbol that consists of a crescent and a star on a shield with two crossed swords and an oak branch. The crescent and star represent the Turkish flag, the shield represents protection, the swords represent strength, and the oak branch represents loyalty.

The gendarmerie has a vision to be a modern, dynamic, and respected force that contributes to the peace and welfare of the nation and the world. The gendarmerie also has a mission to protect the rights and freedoms of the citizens, to ensure public order and security, to prevent and combat crime, to cooperate with other institutions and organizations, and to fulfill its assigned duties with professionalism and dedication.

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