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Toyota Offers to Buy Back Electric SUVs with Wheel Problems

Toyota Offers to Buy Back Electric SUVs with Wheel Problems

If you own a Toyota bZ4X electric SUV, you might be eligible for a buyback offer from the automaker. Toyota has issued a recall for its bZ4X and Subaru’s Solterra electric SUVs due to a risk of the wheels coming off while driving . The problem was discovered soon after the vehicles went on sale in June 2022, and affects about 260 bZ4X owners in the US.

Toyota has not yet identified the cause of the wheel issue, and has asked owners to stop driving their bZ4X SUVs until a remedy is found. In the meantime, Toyota is offering several options to customers who are affected by the recall. These include:

  • A free loaner vehicle of another Toyota model until the bZ4X is fixed. If the loaner vehicle is gas-powered, Toyota will reimburse the fuel cost.
  • A $5,000 credit toward the payment of existing loans or leases, or the purchase price of cars that are paid off.
  • A buyback option for those who no longer want to wait for the repair or keep their bZ4X SUVs.

Toyota says it is working diligently on a solution for the wheel problem, and apologizes for the inconvenience caused by the recall. The company says it is committed to ensuring the safety and satisfaction of its customers.

If you have a Toyota bZ4X electric SUV that is affected by the recall, you can contact your local dealer or call Toyota customer service at 1-800-331-4331 to learn more about your options.

The Toyota bZ4X is one of the first fully electric SUVs from the Japanese automaker, and is part of its Beyond Zero (bZ) series of zero-emission vehicles. The bZ4X was developed in collaboration with Subaru, which sells a similar model called the Solterra. Both vehicles use a new e-TNGA platform that is designed for electric vehicles.

The bZ4X and Solterra were launched in June 2022 with high expectations, as they compete with other popular electric SUVs such as the Ford Mustang Mach-E, the Hyundai Ioniq 5, and the Tesla Model Y. However, the wheel problem has tarnished the reputation of both Toyota and Subaru, and raised questions about the quality and reliability of their electric vehicles.

Toyota says it is investigating the root cause of the wheel issue, and hopes to find a solution soon. The company says it will notify owners once a remedy is available, and will perform the repair free of charge. Toyota also says it will extend the warranty of the affected vehicles by the amount of time they are out of service.

Toyota is not the only automaker that has faced recalls for its electric vehicles. In 2021, Hyundai recalled about 82,000 electric cars worldwide due to a fire risk in their batteries. The recall cost Hyundai about $900 million, and led to a legal dispute with its battery supplier LG Chem. Tesla has also faced several recalls for its electric vehicles over issues such as faulty touchscreens, seat belts, and software glitches.

Recalls are not uncommon in the auto industry, and can affect any type of vehicle. However, they can have a bigger impact on electric vehicles, which are still relatively new and unfamiliar to many consumers. Electric vehicles also face higher expectations for safety and performance, as they are seen as the future of transportation. Therefore, automakers need to ensure that their electric vehicles are not only innovative and attractive, but also safe and reliable.

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