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Windows 9 Ultimate: A Fan-Made Version of Windows with Extra Features

Windows 9 Ultimate: A Fan-Made Version of Windows with Extra Features

Windows 9 Ultimate: A Fan-Made Version of Windows with Extra Features

Windows 9 Ultimate is not an official product from Microsoft, but a fan-made version of Windows that claims to offer extra features and enhancements. It is based on Windows 7 and Windows 8, and it includes a hybrid Start menu, windowed Metro-style apps, a flat design, and more. However, it is not recommended to install Windows 9 Ultimate on your PC, as it may contain malware, bugs, or compatibility issues.

Windows 9 Ultimate was created by Dilshad Sys, a user who uploaded the ISO file to the Internet Archive in 2021[^1^]. According to the description, it is an “upcoming future my style” version of Windows that has updates from U1 to U10. However, there is no evidence that this version of Windows is legitimate or safe to use.

Some of the features that Windows 9 Ultimate claims to have are:

  • A hybrid Start menu that combines the traditional Start menu with the Metro-style tiles from Windows 8[^4^]. Users can pin Metro-style apps to the menu and access them from the desktop.
  • Windowed Metro-style apps that can run in the desktop as traditional applications[^4^]. Users can resize, minimize, maximize, and close them as they would with any other window.
  • A flat design that removes the Aero effects and shadows from the desktop and makes it look more modern and consistent with the Metro-style environment[^5^].
  • An interactive background feature that allows users to see wallpapers in a different way[^5^]. However, it is unclear what this feature does or how it works.
  • Gadgets that are similar to those in Windows Vista and Windows 7[^5^]. Users can add widgets such as Weather, CPU monitor, Clock, Calendar, etc. to their desktop.

However, these features are not exclusive to Windows 9 Ultimate. Some of them are already available in Windows 10, such as the hybrid Start menu and windowed Metro-style apps. Others can be added or enabled by using third-party software or tweaks. For example, users can install gadgets using 8GadgetPack or Rainmeter, or change the desktop appearance using WindowBlinds or Classic Shell.

Moreover, installing Windows 9 Ultimate on your PC may pose serious risks to your system and data. Since it is not an official product from Microsoft, it may contain malware, viruses, spyware, or other harmful programs that could damage your PC or steal your information. It may also have bugs, errors, or compatibility issues that could cause crashes, freezes, or performance problems. It may also violate Microsoft’s terms of service or license agreement, which could result in legal consequences.

Therefore, it is strongly advised to avoid downloading or installing Windows 9 Ultimate on your PC. If you want to try a new version of Windows with extra features and enhancements, you should wait for the official release of Windows 11 from Microsoft later this year. Alternatively, you can join the Windows Insider Program and test the latest preview builds of Windows 10 before they are released to the public.

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