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You S04E01 WEB h264-TVD

You S04E01: Joe Takes a Holiday

You S04E01: Joe Takes a Holiday

You is a psychological thriller series that follows the twisted adventures of Joe Goldberg, a charming but obsessive stalker who will stop at nothing to get what he wants. In the fourth season, Joe moves to London with his wife Love and their baby son Henry, hoping to start a new life away from his past crimes. But soon he finds himself drawn to a new obsession: a mysterious woman named Marianne.

The first episode of the season, titled “Joe Takes a Holiday”, aired on February 9, 2023 on Netflix. It was written by Sera Gamble and Greg Berlanti, and directed by Marcos Siega. The episode received positive reviews from critics and fans, who praised the show’s dark humor, suspenseful twists, and Penn Badgley’s performance as Joe.

In this episode, Joe tries to lay low and resist his old habits… until he’s forced to tie up some loose ends and bond with a circle of wealthy socialites. He also meets Marianne, a bookstore owner and aspiring writer who sparks his interest. Meanwhile, Love struggles with her own demons and tries to fit in with her new friends.

You can watch the episode online on Netflix or download it from various torrent sites. The file name for the episode is You.S04E01.WEB.h264-TVD.mkv, which has a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels and a size of 1.23 GB. The file also contains English subtitles.

The second episode of the season, titled “Portrait of the Artist”, follows Joe as he tries to catch his stalker, who has been sending him threatening messages and photos. He suspects that one of Malcolm’s friends is behind it, and decides to attend an art show where they will all be present. There, he meets a young art student named Nadia, who helps him analyze the paintings and clues.

Meanwhile, Love is feeling restless and bored with her life as a stay-at-home mom. She decides to spice things up by joining a book club run by a charismatic woman named Rhys. However, she soon realizes that the book club is actually a front for a secret society of wealthy women who indulge in drugs, sex, and violence.

The episode ends with a shocking twist: Joe discovers that his stalker is none other than Candace, his ex-girlfriend whom he thought he had killed in the previous season. She reveals that she survived his attack and faked her death to get away from him. She also tells him that she knows everything about his past crimes and his current obsession with Marianne.

The third episode of the season, titled “Eat the Rich”, follows Joe as he tries to protect Kate from his stalker, who has been texting him that she is a threat. He decides to move in with her temporarily, hoping to keep an eye on her and find out who is behind the messages. He also suspects that his stalker might be one of Malcolm’s friends, who are all part of a wealthy and privileged circle.

Meanwhile, Love is getting deeper into the secret society of Rhys, a charismatic woman who runs a book club that is actually a cover for a group of rich women who enjoy drugs, sex, and violence. Love is intrigued by Rhys and her lifestyle, but also feels guilty about leaving her son Henry with a nanny. She also starts to question her feelings for Joe, wondering if he still loves her or if he is hiding something from her.

The episode ends with another shocking twist: Joe finds out that his stalker is not Candace, but someone who has been impersonating her. He realizes that the real Candace is dead, and that someone has been using her phone and identity to torment him. He also discovers that the person behind it all is Nadia, the art student who has been helping him with his investigation. Nadia reveals that she is Malcolm’s daughter, and that she blames Joe for his death.

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