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How to Download and Install ZombieMod for Counter-Strike: Source

ZombieMod is a popular server-side modification for Counter-Strike: Source that turns the game into a zombie survival mode. In this article, you will learn how to download and install ZombieMod for your CS:S server and enjoy the thrill of fighting against hordes of undead.

What is ZombieMod?

ZombieMod is a mod that changes the gameplay of Counter-Strike: Source by dividing the players into two teams: humans and zombies. The humans have to defend themselves from the zombies, who can only use their claws and have increased health and speed. The zombies can infect the humans by killing them, turning them into zombies as well. The game ends when either all humans are killed or all zombies are eliminated.

ZombieMod can be played on any map, and does not require any client-side installation. The mod is compatible with the latest version of CS:S and supports various features such as custom skins, sounds, models, weapons, and maps. ZombieMod also has a variety of settings and options that can be customized by the server admin to suit different preferences and playstyles.

How to Download ZombieMod?

To download ZombieMod, you need to visit the official website of the mod or one of the alternative sources . You will find different versions of the mod available for download, such as ZombieMod 3.0, ZombieMod 1.2.8, or ZombieMod 1.0.1. Choose the version that suits your needs and click on the download link.

The download file will be in a compressed format, such as .rar or .zip. You will need a program like WinRAR or 7-Zip to extract the contents of the file. Once you have extracted the files, you will see a folder named ZombieMod_CSSv34 (or similar) that contains all the files and folders required for the mod.

How to Install ZombieMod?

To install ZombieMod, you need to copy the extracted folder to your CS:S server directory. The default location of the server directory is C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Source Dedicated Server\cstrike (or similar). If you have installed your server in a different location, you need to find it and paste the folder there.

After copying the folder, you need to edit your server.cfg file, which is located in the cfg folder inside your cstrike folder. You need to add the following line at the end of the file:

exec zombiemod/zombiemod.cfg

This will load the configuration file for ZombieMod when your server starts. You can also edit this file to change various settings and options for the mod, such as zombie health, speed, damage, infection rate, etc.

Once you have done this, you are ready to run your server and enjoy ZombieMod. To start your server, you can use a batch file or a shortcut that launches srcds.exe with the appropriate parameters. For example:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Source Dedicated Server\srcds.exe -console -game cstrike +map de_dust2 +maxplayers 16

This will start your server with a console window, using de_dust2 as the map and allowing up to 16 players to join. You can change these parameters according to your preferences.


ZombieMod is a fun and exciting mod for Counter-Strike: Source that adds a new dimension to the game. By following this guide, you can easily download and install ZombieMod for your CS:S server and join the zombie apocalypse. Have fun!


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